Preview of the Apocalypse …

WATCH “THE ACCIDENTAL SEA”, A GREAT VIDEO: AFTER THE RAPTURE. Spent, sweaty and out-of-breath We lie back and Light a single cigarette To be shared in symbolic Celebration after an intergalactic Battle between brazen faith and Foolish adventure. My tattered wings clumsily Tucked in between my back And the thin Styrofoam mattress; Your head buried […]

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As above, so below …

  It is “written in the cards” that we are in a longterm difficult process on many levels, but it is more a new game rather than “the end”. This is all undoubtedly necessary for our entry into a major shift in consciousness. Much like the Tower card in the Tarot: an impending explosion that […]

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Reflection no. 2: The politics of engagement in turbulent times.

We are living in turbulent times, and the level of insecurity about both present and future has been escalated by a number of factors, including global communications and business/trade, interdependence of nation states, organizations and unions, secret and not-so-secret political alliances, as well as a host of other phenomena that have further supported the humanoid […]

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