Reflection no. 2: The politics of engagement in turbulent times.

We are living in turbulent times, and the level of insecurity about both present and future has been escalated by a number of factors, including global communications and business/trade, interdependence of nation states, organizations and unions, secret and not-so-secret political alliances, as well as a host of other phenomena that have further supported the humanoid […]

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Autumnal reflections.

My recent (and now all-too-long) absence from WordPress has some simple explanations. I have been having health challenges which make sitting too long in front of a personal computer quite difficult, and my work for social change and neighbourhood improvement has entailed quite a bit of writing and creativity in other formats than poetry, essays, […]

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Ahead of his/her time

What do you want to do when you grow up? — I want to be famous. Okay, but what will you be famous for? — I dunno. Does it matter, really? I just want to be admired, and to live forever. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?!! Actually, the “fame bug” has bitten many of us. Some […]

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