… and in the end

… and in the end, politics, poetry, painting, photography and philosophy will mean very little to me. ultimately, the worth of my existence will be judged solely by how properly I have loved, and have been loved.

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To the one that got away …

To you, T. — the one that “got away” … You were meant to be “my first”, but it didn’t happen … circumstances, culture, i dunno … But I loved you and lusted after you … gawd! Your milky white Japanese skin, slender body, proper/seductive demeanour … i went wild (as you know). and the […]

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Call me “haram” …

yeah … call me “haram”, if that makes you feel “clean” … i have played the “other man” with men who were married, arab … and not. i have been with both women and men at the same time, and in between, and after … i have never discriminated: i love black women, white women […]

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